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Apr. 27th, 2019 08:22 pm
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Por favor deje su mensaje después de la señal.
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(She was just introduced 5/1/17, so some of these are on-going.)

• Logan is her father. (Okay that's not false, but it's what she remembers of Wayward Pines, too). 
• Laura is her (half)-sister. Yes, the other Laura. Somehow their mothers named them the same. It's fate.
• Gabriela is her mother; she passed away when Laura was younger; it is where her Mexican heritage stems from.
• She gets into fights a lot at school, or they otherwise avoid her because she fights; she hasn't lost any, probably. Simps.
• She went to a class field trip with a select few. She doesn't remember them specifically... but they seem important.
(This is actually her friends at Transigen, and the photo is the one she keeps in the movie.)
• She likes X-Men comics, but they're out of print now (one assumes!!!!)

More pending.
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NAME: Ashlee
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] Trollin_ur_Roys or [personal profile] bushyeyebrows by PP.


NAME: Laura / X23-23
CANON: Logan (2017)
CANON-POINT: Post-movie




She is a determined child, and mature in ways many children are not; obviously, being forced to grow up around terrible circumstances and being seen as a weapon has had negative consequences on her development in many ways, but in other ways it has steeled her to the real world and the dangers that linger within it. She's nearly fearless, difficult to frighten or intimidate. Once her mind is set on something, her will is difficult to veer into another direction. When Logan tells her he won't take her to North Dakota, her response is to demand until he's so aggravated by her persistence that he takes her anyway.

She's also extremely independent for someone from her background; despite being cared for (in the loosest sense of the word, considering that place was terrible), she knows how to care for herself and others very well. She's tasked with watching out for an elderly Charles Xavier and giving him his medications while Logan is out, and at the end of the movie her and her young friends are able to go forward on their own without hesitation. If left to her own devices, there'd be no doubt she'd find ways to survive and care for herself.

Laura is a curious creature, focused and interested in the world and what roams in it. Having never left Transigen for the entirety of her life, she quietly enjoys experiencing new things. She enjoys learning as long as it's on her own terms, and often (as is the case in Nate Munson's room) she'll hover toward whatever catches her eye. Like at a dinner table, she eats up just about everything except a table cloth. But most importantly of all, Laura, despite her history, is far kinder than expected of what was supposed to be a living weapon. She shows concern for her nurse/caregiver Gabriela when she falls down and is injured, and she is seen holding Logan or Xavier's hand in times of their distress. She may be emotionally stunted in many ways but she has compassion for others. She will fight for whoever she's endeared to, and will not back down, as is the case with X-24 in multiple scenes.


Temperamental, and very much not a social butterfly. She is prone to fits, likely because she's never had a proper parental figure to address those issues growing up (in fact, they likely pushed for them to be as aggressive as possible, and Laura certainly allows herself to get wound up easily). Her determination is a positive, but it also takes the form of iron-clad stubbornness that is not always welcomed in every scenario. She butts heads with Logan a lot and has a childish habit of annoying him just out of spite or ignoring what he says. Her and authority figures of any kind don't really mesh well, due to the fact that she's dealt with them far too long as it is. Her freedom was hard won and the idea of anyone looming to disrupt it makes her someone you really don't want to mess with.

She also is quiet. Often because she doesn't like to deal with people or play the social card. In the film, she travels thousands of miles with Logan before she finally talks with him — her only source of interaction is a mental link with Xavier, and he appears to be one of the few people in her life she's enjoyed conversing with, albeit not out loud. In a sense, she's the typical outcast, the odd student in the back of the class who never has anything to say but is always thinking. Her lack of interaction with the real world makes her someone looking in, and while she's mature in many respects, she's immature in plenty of other areas. She doesn't mind stealing things and doesn't consider the ramifications for breaking rules/laws out on the open road. She has a harder time making friends because of... well, you know, all of those things above this sentence — while she's not necessarily aggressive toward new faces (in fact she's quite pleasant with the Munson family), she's often still withdrawn and not talkative.

And some people think that's weiiiird.

(As a note, however, she has since opened up by the end of the film, and in the Pines she will be more conversational, not only due to the post-film development but because of her memory loss.)


• Her birth — no I'm kidding please don't reject me

• Her escape from Transigen. Her first taste of freedom, and where she knew for sure she would never let herself go back to that kind of world. It opened doors and paths for her she hadn't considered for a very long time. It also will push her to try and escape Wayward Pines, whenever she fully receives her memories. Whenever that is. Visiting Las Vegas also falls into this category; it's the first time we see her awed — the bright, bustling city life had enraptured her and pulled a rare smile from her.

• "All the same." Her conversation at Eden with Logan on killing people is very important in the grand scheme of her life. She justified her killing by the fact that the men she killed were bad men — to which Logan informed her all killing is bad killing, and she herself will have to come to terms with that. While she hasn't gone pacifist and will certainly still continue killing if she needs to protect herself or others, she is far more aware of the consequences and heaviness of her actions. Likewise, Logan's parting words — for her to not be what they made her to be — will likely play a heavy role in her life for her post-film. She doesn't want to be a weapon, and Logan's final wish for her to continue without turning into that will be on the forefront of her mind as she continues on through life. Speaking of that —

• Logan's death (and the combination of the deaths before him). The loss of her father is the only time we see her cry (though it is not shown if she mourns Gabriela, though she may have due to the closeness of their relationship and time together through the years); she calls him daddy and clearly has latched onto their familial relationship, and his death and the death of the others around her will likely develop as fear that she (like Logan) will kill those close to her by proxy. It could potentially cause rifts in CR and make her hesitant to bring people in too close in her life, or in any rule-breaking done down the line.


Being out of a cage. She's motivated by her father's words and her mission to keep her and her friends out of the clutches of people like Transigen. She's motivated by the taste of freedom she's had, and motivated by her desire to not be what they made her to be.


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Man, that depends on who you ask.

To the Reavers who work for Transigen, and the doctors there, she is a weapon.

If you're a pretty nice person and seem pretty harmless and don't lay hands on her or get on her bad side (like certain clerks at gas stations), she's pretty alright to be around. She appears to be decent to the doctor that treats Logan towards the end of the movie. The Munsons are kind to her and likely see her as someone in need of TLC (which is 100% accurate). For passer-bys, she's a little girl who is spoken to nicely or ignored or whatever. Just some kid. Nothing to see here. 

To people like Xavier and Gabriela, she is a dear, dear person who needs protecting, someone with a gift who deserves freedom. Gabriela is willing to sacrifice her life to save her, and even goes as far to say that she loves her before pleading for Logan to keep her safe. Xavier sees her as a continuation of mutants, the future, someone important to keep alive and well and re-teach so that she isn't a cruel man-made soldier.

To Logan, she's a butthead who causes trouble and never listens and hits him and is a rude little shit.

... But he cares tons.


Logan's is totally spot on. But, you know. She can be pretty nice, too.

She's not a weapon, but she is certainly a fighter with a lot of blood on her hands; Xavier, perhaps, sees her as a more innocent and less corrupted than she may be at this point in her complicated life. The people who have the most incorrect impressions of course are passerbys like the Munsons, who assume she's a normal albeit mute child. This kid is anything but normal, and she hardly needs the protection many would think she needs if she were, say, alone on the side of a nighttime road.

Likewise, the Reavers and Transigen were wrong about all their kiddos.

In ye old words of Mad Max: Fury Road, they're not things.



I mean, that's a joke comment, but it's also absolutely not.

Also, persistence. Being a stubborn ass. They're interchangeable. 


• She loves horses. Because horses are awesome.
• She is a mutant and must be careful with her abilities. Basically this is to make sure she doesn't go accidentally murdering people.
• She speaks Spanish fluently. The idea of her ignoring people by feigning that she doesn't speak English is a funny one, but also it's a part of her background and nationality, so I figured I would let her continue to be bilingual.
• She has a negative reaction to authority figures and hospitals/dentists/labs. I want to play her as uncertain, with a nagging sensation that things aren't right despite her having no reason to think so. To add to this, I think it would interesting to keep her dislike for people even remotely similar to Transigen or the Reavers who attempt to re-capture her.
• For some reason, she wants to visit a place called Eden. She's not sure where it leads, but she feels like it will be somewhere she will be happier and fit in. As a crucial goal from canon that she had obsessed over, I thought it would be pretty interesting for her to have a fantasy world she wants to go to and feel safe in, even if she doesn't remember the specifics of it. Just that she wants to go.


She will be in memory loss mode for a time in-game, but she'll likely throw a fit upon waking up in the hospital due to her aversion and disdain for doctors and those types. She may throw a few punches or scratch some arms or kick some poor guy in the ding-a-ling. Let me know if that's a problem on her introduction! She will likely have the feeling that something isn't right in this place, but she'll have absolutely no logical reason to feel that way and will be at odds with her own instinct. Especially since her memories will have her as a resident for however long.


Pulled from her wiki, I hope you don't mind!

Regenerative Healing Factor - "X-23's primary mutant power is an accelerated healing factor that enables her to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissues with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. She is capable of fully healing injuries resulting in massive tissue damage and blood loss, such as slash wounds and puncture wounds within a matter of seconds."

(NOTE: We can go ahead and assume that if she's blown up, burned alive, etc, she would be super fucking dead.)

Psionic Resistance - "X-23 and Logan were both not fully incapacitated by Charles Xavier's seizure-induced psychic attacks, allowing them to not only remain able to move, but potentially able to survive the fatal affects of the seizures."

Retractable Claws - "X-23 has two retractable adamantium claws in both of hands, and one in each foot. Her hand claws extend between finger's knuckles and the foot claws emerge above the base of her toes. Xavier accredits this to her gender, akin to how the lioness is the superior hunter of the feline breed.

Enhanced Strength - X-23 is strong enough to overpower adults far larger than herself with ease. Combined with her acrobatic ability, she was able was to defeat several Reavers, even when one of them had managed to pin her down with a cybernetic hand. She later flipped a store clerk over her head and onto the floor with one hand, before Logan stopped her from killing him."

Enhanced Agility - "X-23 possesses a high amount of flexibility and agility. She is able to perform gymnastic maneuvers, such as flips and springs, with little to no difficulty, in order to overwhelm her opponents. She is potentially faster than her father because she never had her entire skeleton infused with adamantium; only her claws."

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant - "X-23 has shown to have some proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. She is capable of subduing multiple members of the Reavers with hand-to-hand combat alone, with little effort. X-23 combines her agility with her hand-to-hand combat skills making her a very capable fighter."

Multilingual - "Despite her normally silent demeanor, Laura is fluent in both English and Spanish."

Enhanced senses - Since she's Logan's clone, she likely inherited his super good sense of smell, sight, and hearing, though likely not yet as honed as Logan's (or I'm at least saying as much since she's a.) new to the world and b.) still pretty young.)

(As a note, her papa has been listed before as being resistant to drugs and anasthetics before in previous movies, and while she likely needs higher doses than normal people, she can be tranquilized and incapacitated and whatnot (she's put under for surgeries in flashback phone scenes). She heals, but she isn't immune to needing to sleep and eat and can definitely get her lights punched out if rattled hard enough.)

(... Also — a weird addition, but she has really good memory. She memorized an entire paragraph-long quote from a movie after only seeing it once in a Las Vegas motel. Apparently things stick really well in her head, man. I dunno if I'll ever use this explicitly, but I wanted to at least bring it up since it made me cock my head in the movie theaters, pfffft.)

Great fashion sense - muy bueno.


Her backpack she had while leaving across the border at the end of the film.

Inside are:

• A colorful ball.
• A plastic toy horse.
• X-Men comics (though these can be left out if that is an issue, since it was mentioned these don't exist in Wayward Pines. Meta madness.)
• Her super awesome sunglasses.
• An iPhone with music on it (used specifically for the music; dunno if it's rechargeable at all, haha.)
• Probably a snickers bar and some chips or something. Hiking makes you hungry, okay.
• A picture of her and all of her friends at Transigen (note: she will have the memory that it is a special school trip photo from an earlier year).
• A lint ball or two.



A thread on bakerstreet! Let me know if you'd like other ones, I have a few other WIP bakerstreet threads!


Look here, she's chatting with her future dad. Let me know if you need more, though! She really needs to talk more.


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